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Due to a very busy personal schedule, cheese making classes are now solely booked directly through Peggy. Contact Peggy via email if you are interested in arranging a cheese making class for yourself or a group.

All class to take place at:

More about Peggy:

Peggy Ployhar, sometimes lovingly called the 'Cheese Princess', is a nationally featured cheese blogger, cheese making instructor, and local cheese artisan whose enthusiasm for cheese is hard to miss and hard to not catch yourself when you are around her. But if you think cheese making has always been a way of life for this home schooling mother of three, you would be completely mistaken.

This physicist turned farmer is very forthcoming that it took an act of God to move her to a farm where she spent 5 years learning the ropes of cheese making, from milking her own cow to making curds and blogging about her successes. And it was on that small farm in Minnesota, in the midst of battling extreme weather and many life changing challenges, that she discovered her passion for cheese making and cheese making instruction.


Note:  All of these cheeses are made with raw milk.  If  you will be using raw milk for your recipes, you can follow my directions step by step. If you are using processed milk for these recipes make sure to add calcium chloride ( 1 teaspoon diluted in 1/2 cup cool water per 6 gallons, adjust accordingly for your amounts).

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Vacuum Sealing Cheese

Cleaning a Natural Cheese Cloth

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Homemade Leerdammer Cheese

Homemade Fromage Blanc

A Recipe for Asiago Cheese

Romano Cheese Recipe

Homemade Gouda Cheese

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Homemade Scamorza Cheese

Homemade Jarlsberg Cheese

Homemade Colby Cheese

Homemade Bel Paese Cheese

Homemade Piora Cheese

Hot Pepper Havarti

Making Cheddar Cheese

Whey Ricotta

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Making Gruyere Cheese


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