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Is a Christian Called to Forgive and Be Reconciled to a Sinner? 

Wrestling with God

Matthew 9 & What I Really Need

Matthew 8 & Contentment

Lessons for Disciples from the Book of Matthew

Matthew 4 & Fasting

Matthew 3 & Credible Ministry

Matthew 2 & Keeping Your Eyes Up

Matthew 1 & God's Plans, Big and Small

Mark 16 & The Aroma of Hope

Mark 15 & Traveling with a Purpose

Mark 14 & Being Extravagant for God

Mark 13 & Building to Last

Mark 12 & Owner or Tenant

Mark 11 & Bearing Fruit

Mark 10 & Questions for Jesus

Mark 9 & Believing

Mark 8 & Leaven

Mark 7 & Toxicity

The Perfect Resting Spot

Mark 6 & A Lesson in Multiplication

Mark 5 & Holding On

Mark 4 & the Necessity of "Hard Things"

Mark 3 & Healing in the Short and Long Term

Mark 2 and Wholeness

Mark 1 & Thoughts on Evil

"Immediately" and Mark 1

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