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An Effective Plan to Treat Candida

First of all, before I get into this post, I must point out the disclaimer at the bottom of this page and remind you that I am not licensed as a physician or a nutritionist.  But that being said, I have done hundreds of hours of research on this topic for my own personal understanding.  And, from that research and lots of God-directed paths, I have successfully led myself, my children, and numerous other people and families through the Candida healing process.  Furthermore, considering that most licensed physicians and nutritionists have absolutely zero hours of training in how to deal with Candida and remove an overpopulation, I will liken my credentials to that which I had when I was hired on as one of the first Quality Assurance Analysts for testing manufacturing equipment for FDA regulated medical devices...a little experience trumps no experience at all and what I have to say, I believe, is worth taking the time to read. OK, now for all of you who have been asking me for years to …