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Sprouting as I Wait for Spring

If you live anywhere in the northern part of the United States, like I do, I don't have to tell you how long and cold this winter has been.  Truly, this weather has been trying on even the hardiest northerner.  And, although spring looks like it will never come,... time, the snow will surely leave, the green grass will appear, and once more it will be gardening time, and I also will be able to feel my appendages!

But, if you have been as impatient as I have been about eating some fresh, home grown produce, then here is an idea...sprout some!  I find that sprouting through the longest winter months is not only a good thing to do to add fresh greens to my diet, but also it helps me keep my sanity (OK, maybe not all of it) when I start thinking that the gardening season will never come.

Here is how simple sprouting is:

Start with seeds, beans, and/or a mix of both that are specifically sold for sprouting. 

In a mason jar put the following, depending upon what you will be sprouting:…