Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sorting Out the Truth In Regards to Healthy Wheat Consumption

Over the last couple of months I have been approached by three different people regarding concerns they had recently acquired regarding wheat consumption.  And, even though all three came to their conclusions through unique sources, it seemed their mantra was about the same..."The wheat we eat now is not as healthy as the wheat produced back in biblical times."  

Have you too heard this argument lately?  In probing more into their convictions, I found that the greatest surge of energy behind this "movement" has come from just a handful of sources, including some major network broadcasts and a New York Times best seller...and the momentum of the data produced from these few sources has had a bit of a tidal wave effect on the wheat industry and watching consumers.

Now, recently I had prayed asking God to help me be ultra discerning about what "truth" is in relation to dietary advice, because there are a lot of things published these days that are just down right lies.  And, in looking just briefly into what these individuals were telling me, for some reason I found their information not sitting well with me, so I decided to do some research of my own.   And, although I know that scientific results can be skewed and changed to show results that really don't exist, I felt led in this instance that I needed to search out some solid concrete scientific facts behind the claims these people in my life were asking me to to accept as fact. 

So, I started researching and happily one of the people I spoke of above decided to do a bit of digging too:  Here are some of the things we found while looking for concrete data to support this current wheat controversy:

 Wheat Belly - Fact or Fiction by Sue Becker at The Bread Beckers Incorporated

Wheat Improvement:  The Truth Unveiled by The National Wheat Improvement Committee 

Wheat Belly - The Toll of Hybris on Human Health by Chris Masterjohn at The Daily Lipid

Wheat Belly - An Analysis of Selected Statements and Basic Themes From the Book by Julie Jones, St. Catherine University, St Paul, MN

Wheat Belly, Busted by Pete Bronski at No Gluten, No Problem

Of course these are not all the sources I was able to find on the internet, but they were some of the most compelling arguments that I could find with concrete data as their basis for agreeing for disagreeing with the hypothesis I was pondering.  And, if you read though all of the above articles you will find they don't all agree with one another.

So, must we give up wheat to live a more happy, healthy, and pure lifestyle?  At this point I am not quite convinced that baking my own bread from home ground whole wheat flour is going to have long term devistating, or even negative, effects on my health or my family's.  But, who I am to say that anyone who comes to a different conclusion is wrong?

And thus, the bread baking will be continuing in our home and here on my site.  And in general, recipes including wheat will be a part of my daily life, unless in the future I find a greater conviction to take it out of my diet. 

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