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Sorting Out the Truth In Regards to Healthy Wheat Consumption

Over the last couple of months I have been approached by three different people regarding concerns they had recently acquired regarding wheat consumption.  And, even though all three came to their conclusions through unique sources, it seemed their mantra was about the same..."The wheat we eat now is not as healthy as the wheat produced back in biblical times."  

Have you too heard this argument lately?  In probing more into their convictions, I found that the greatest surge of energy behind this "movement" has come from just a handful of sources, including some major network broadcasts and a New York Times best seller...and the momentum of the data produced from these few sources has had a bit of a tidal wave effect on the wheat industry and watching consumers.

Now, recently I had prayed asking God to help me be ultra discerning about what "truth" is in relation to dietary advice, because there are a lot of things published these days that are just down…

A Resolute Stand Against Sin

Looking ahead to this new year, I found much to pray about as I read through Matthew 27 these past few weeks...particularly as to how I personally respond to Jesus, who is:  the King of the Jews, the Savior sent for mankind from the Father, and the Lord of earth and heaven.  The nagging question I felt coming back to me time and time again as I read the account of Jesus' crucifixion was, "Could it be that life leads me to make the same choices as those who turned their backs on Him over 2000 years ago?"  Sorrowfully, I have to answer yes.

Reading through this chapter, I compiled a list of actions taken against Jesus by those who knew Him while He walked on the earth:

betrayedaccused judgedmockedblasphemedreviledcrucified
A list that unfortunately does not even encompass the great many sins committed against Jesus on a daily basis by those who even love Him most, His followers.  Sure, saying that we are a sinful people, in need of help from our natural condition, is at least…