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Bacon, Pecan & Coffee Ice Cream

Yes, you read the title right...and you may be wondering what in the world inspired me to create such a recipe.  Well, you might say I made a comment on Twitter which left me with no other choice then to try and see if coffee, bacon and ice cream could successfully be combined into one recipe.  

I will let you be the judge of the final product if you dare venture to make a batch.  Some in our house loved the resulting dessert(that would be the more adventurous eaters), while others said it tasted good but that they just couldn't get past the fact they were eating bacon in their ice cream.  So, here's to you @FoodDemocracy...something different than the regular holiday week-end fare and probably something you couldn't even find at the MN state fair.

Here is what you need for ingredients to make this recipe:

Ice Cream Ingredients:
3 1/2 cups cream plus 1/4 skim milk (you can also just add 3 cups of cream and 3/4 cup of 1/2&1/2 to equal out to the same fat per milk ratio)1 Ta…

Cucumber Kimchi

When talking to a friend last week about making kimchi, she was telling me how in the past she had added carrots and various other vegetables to her cabbage to make batches over years past..."a little of this and a little of that"  But alas, she had never tried making a batch without any cabbage at all.  This was my goal, and it had to be since I had used up all the cabbage from my garden to make a huge batch of sauerkraut.  So, with an abundance of cucumbers coming out of my garden I felt I really had nothing to lose in making up a batch of kimchi with cucumbers as the base.  And, what do you know?  It was so good I am thinking of making up another batch.

Here is what I used for my ingredients:  (These are rough ratios for you to follow since it will really depend upon the size of your fermenting container and vegetables.  Remember, fermenting is rather forgiving as long as you follow a couple of proper steps, which I will point out along the way.

3 to 4 medium cucumbers
1 oni…

Crispy Rice Granola Bars

Breaking away from my traditional food blog, here is a video recipe for you to enjoy along with the accompanying recipe in print(below).  I hope you enjoy this change of pace on my blog...and if you are wondering the reasoning behind this new way for me to present recipes, you can view my previous post titled, A New Venture into Cooking Videos.

Here is the video on how to make Crispy Rice Bars:  (You will want to gather up the kids as there are some parts added just for them.)

Now, here is the recipe:

1 cup sweet brown rice1 can full-fat coconut milk (13.66 fl oz)Cinnamon2 cups old fashioned oats1 cup nuts (we used black walnuts)1 cup dried fruit (we used a combination of apples and organic dried cranberries) 1/2 cup flax seeds, milled1 jar brown rice syrup (1 lb 5 oz)1/3 cup SUCANAT1/2 cup peanut butter (we used fermented peanut butter) 1 teaspoon vanillaCoconut oil, for coating the 11x7 pan
Start by bringing to a boil the rice and the coconut milk.  Cover and then simmer fo…

A New Venture into Cooking Videos

The other day I was explaining to a woman how she could cook a particular grain to make it more digestible and nutritious, when she said to me, "You should really teach a cooking class on everything you know about healthy food."  Alas, I hated to tell her that I do offer cooking and cheese making classes on my farm, but even though there was a lot of interest in these classes, very few people had the time to come out for an evening...even in the summer when the weather is good for driving out to our farm.

Yes, more and more when I speak to people about the food they choose to eat, I realize the overwhelming need for healthy cooking classes and also methods which help to connect them to the food they eat.  And, this may sound rather silly to some of you, but I have been earnestly praying about how I can meet the needs of people who do desire to change their eating habits while at the same time not take too much time away from my own family by keeping a hectic speaking schedule…

Matthew 9 & What I Really Need

As I was reading through Matthew 9 once again (OK, I have to admit this summer has thrown my plans to blog on one chapter of the gospels each week into a bit of a tail spin - so much for well made plans.) I realized that I have always looked at the following scripture from the point of view of either Jesus or the scribes.  But for some reason my thoughts this time were drawn to the point of view of the paralytic man and what he might have been thinking during the following exchange:

“...they brought to Him a paralytic lying on a bed. When Jesus saw their faith, He said to the paralytic, 'Son, be of good cheer; your sins are forgiven you.'

And at once some of the scribes said within themselves, 'This Man blasphemes!'

But Jesus, knowing their thoughts, said, 'Why do you think evil in your hearts? For which is easier, to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven you,’ or to say, ‘Arise and walk’? But that you may know that the Son of Man has power on earth to forgive sins'—then H…