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Cold Fermented Thai Peanut Butter Noodles

For the last couple of days the weather here has been a bit hot. And the last thing I felt like eating after a long day of gardening followed by the evening milking routine, was a hot meal. So, I decided to make up a batch of Cold Thai Peanut Noodles with some added probiotic and nutritionally rich ingredients. This meal really hit the spot and left me a lot of great leftovers to eat the next day which ended up being equally warm, but at least not as humid.

Here is what you will need to make this great summer dish: 1 pound/16 oz of brown rice noodles (cooked)2 Tablespoon grape seed oil1 teaspoon dried ginger2 cloves fermented garlic3 Tablespoons fermented peanut butter2 Tablespoons Braggs Liquid Aminos4 tsp SUCANAT2 Tablespoons “Live” Vinegar (like Braggs) or Kumbucha2 teaspoons hot pepper oil1 teaspoon sea salt1 teaspoon tamarind paste¾ cup chopped peanuts (any kind, salted or not, raw or roasted)Thai Basil for garnish
First, cook the noodles, rinse in cool water, and then toss in th…

Calving Day

Saturday our new calf was finally born, and a week late just as I had thought he would be. (Yes “he”, we had a bull calf again.) As the due date kept approaching, I just had this sneaking suspicion that my heifer (Which my oldest son will be quick to tell you is the proper name for a female animal of the bovine species who has yet to calf. Only are they called a cow when they have given birth.), the daughter of my previous cow, would follow the same time clock on gestation as her mother who was always 1 week late. And today was exactly a week after she was due, so my premonition was right on.
And, because when I got started with all this hobby farming stuff I had no idea what I was doing being an animal mid-wife, I thought I would journal the day for you in case you may be looking forward to welcoming a calf onto your hobby farm. But, if you are not in that position, and would still like to know more about the process feel free to read on and learn about a “typical” birthing pro…

Matthew 8 & Contentment

I have to make a confession and to some of you it may sound rather strange since the lifestyle I live here on a hobby farm is the life you have always dream about. You see, unlike most people I don't like feeling settled when it comes to my home environment. Maybe it's the Bohemian blood in me that makes me this way, but a life on a hobby farm was not even on my bucket list when visions of an ideal life made their way through my head. For me home is just as much of an attitude as a place as where I wake up from each morning. And, in keeping with this vagabond attitude towards life, I have realized I also have a hard time attaching to things, even if they have sentimental value. Truly, I am not sure why God designed me this way (fortunately my husband is the same way too, except for the sentimental part). And while knowing these things about myself and my husband, I am not sure why He felt the need to put our family on a hobby farm where we are daily tied down to animals…

Gingerbread, Date, and Cranberry Sugar Plums

To finish off a meal it is nice to have a little something sweet to cleanse the palette, but most of the time I don't have room for a large dessert nor do I want to add many more calories to my already finished meal.  One way I have found I can satisfy my "sweet" craving without going overboard is by making sugar plums and keeping them in the refrigerator for those times when I just need a little something extra to finish off my meal.

Here is a recipe I created with some leftover gingerbread biscotti that I think ranks up there with my posts of two other favorite sugar plum recipes:  Chocolate  Peanut Butter Sugar Plums & regular Sugar Plums:

1/4 cup almonds8 Tablespoons of flax, whole by measure and then milled 4 pieces Ginger & Cranberry GingerbreadBiscotti, broken into pieces3 cup dates pieces (I buy mine coated in oat flour)1 cup sweetened cranberries2 cups finely chopped coconut flakes1/2 cup coconut oil, melted
Place all of the dry ingredients in a…

Homemade Brie Cheese

Well, I finally ventured into the realm of mold-ripened cheeses and what I found out is that they are much easier to make then I had at first imagined.  The reason I started with Brie is a personal reason though...I absolutely love it, crust and all.  Now I know there are many of you, like my husband, who will cut the mold off the outside and eat only the soft middle and there must be a lot of you because when I was at Trader Joes the other day I saw they are now selling a rindless version of Brie.  But all of that aside, I tend to think the mold is what makes the cheese.  And, if you go a step further and wrap the Brie in a sheet of puff pastry and bake it, then the mold's flavor is heightened further in adding to the complexity of this wonderful cheese.  Well, that's enough of my ranting about this cheese, here is how you go about making 2 large rounds.

To start off, heat 4 gallons of whole milk to 88 degrees Fahrenheit.

Next, sprinkle 1/2 teaspoon of mesophilic culture plus 1…

Where I Have Been

I thought I would do a little catch up blogging this afternoon since the thunder just started and has chased me inside for a while. And, since some of you have asked where I have been lately, I thought I would take this time to journal about what has been going on here on the farm and what the weeks ahead hold.

First, the reason I have not been blogging many cheese recipes as of late is because I sold my cow.  

Now don't panic, I haven't jumped ship and given up milking and cheese making.  I actually had been planning on selling my older cow for a while because her daughter, Siri, is due to calf today (although she may be a week late like her mama always was since she is not looking quite there yet).  This decision to sell our cow Lena was one I had been thinking and praying about a lot earlier this spring because we just didn't have the grass in our pasture to feed two cows along with our steer.  

So, when the opportunity came up to sell Lena to a wonderful family who fell h…