Vacuum Sealing Cheese for Storage

Storing cheese for me is a bit of a practice of necessity.  I would love to say that I wash my hand-made rounds with wonderful brines and flavored washes, but truly my schedule usually leaves me so flustered that I sometimes look in the refrigerator and wonder, "Now which cheese recipe was that?".  And sadly, I have to admit, at times I have actually stored cheese without a label!

Thus, my vacuum sealing method has been perfected in helping me to store and age cheese here on our farm.  And, if done right, I have had no issue with unwanted mold on my nicely brined and pressed cheeses which makes it the most utilitarian method for this sometimes very frazzled hobby farmer.

Here is the simple method I use to vacuum store the cheese:
First I create a bag out of the vacuum seal material.

Next, I put the half round of cheese in the bag.

Then I vacuum seal the bag shut.

And finally I label it with the name of the cheese and the month it was made (that is close enough for me).

My goal is to start washing some of my rinds, but for now the majority of my cheese will be stored this way just to ensure we will have cheese that tastes good months (or maybe years) from now.


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