Snow in May?

Living in Minnesota affords us lots of unusual weather, weather that at this time of year I am usually welcoming with open arms because it has me out in my gardens with seeds in hand.  But instead it started snowing this afternoon.  My first reaction was to start cleaning my basement so I didn't have to look out the windows and then sulk the evening away.

But, sulking wasn't going to get me anywhere, so after hearing my husband whistle the second Christmas tune of the evening I decided to accept my daughter's invitation and go outside and play in the snow.

As you can see by this picture we got a lot of snow, and that was only 3 hours into the storm we are still experiencing.

Here are some more pics of the farm in this spring/winter wonderland.  (Mind you yesterday we were out enjoying the green grass in short-sleeve t-shirts.) Enjoy!

Out the chicken coop door

Mastiff and Heifer, nose to nose

Siri, my heifer

Our dogs playing in the snow


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