May 3rd and the Snow Has Finally Stopped!

Walkway to the front door
I just called my brother to give him a weather report from our farm.  Why?  Well because, even though he lives an hour and a half north of us and has only a trace of snow on the ground where he lives, we have so much snow here that I fear his visit planned for tomorrow may have to be postponed - his car would just not be able to get down our driveway. (Yes, the plow has been put away for the summer Of course we can get out ourselves with our Jeep, but really we are at the mercy of the weather and rain to get our 1/4 mile long driveway cleared.)  

So, for those of you who have not been affect by snowstorm Achilles, here are some pictures for you to enjoy of what it currently looks like in Kenyon, Minnesota (a.k.a - the North Pole).

Knee deep here - some drifts to my waist - midcalf elsewhere.

Path I had to cut to the chicken coop.

Our driveway? Yes...I think I can see it.


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