Matthew 2 & Keeping Your Eyes Up

This past week has been difficult one for me as I have watched the plans of my oldest son not take the turn which he, nor my husband and I, expected them to take for his summer employment.  But after a while of silently stewing about the situation, I asked God to give me a larger perspective of what He was working out in Thomas' life and how this detour may be a crucial direction changer in where He has this young man headed in the future. Isn't that what usually happens in our lives when plans suddenly change?  Our human nature is to search around wildly and forget that our first response should be to search upward, upward to our Father who already had a plan in place.

In Matthew 2, I have to think that Mary and Joseph probably quickly did the the same thing without thinking when their lives became unsettled.   You see they had pretty well made a home for themselves in Bethlehem, probably thinking that if it were the future of Jesus to do great and mighty things within the Jewish world that close proximity to Jerusalem was going to be key to His formative years.  But then comes an angel again who speaks to Joseph in a dream and tells him to move his family to Egypt.  Mary and Joseph being human must have felt a lot like my husband as God called them away from a place which seemed so right in the plan of how they pictured the future for their Son to play out.

But, just as God orchestrated everything to work out in a way that made sure Jesus was in the right place at the right time to fulfill everything that was set before Him, I have to believe He will do the same for my son.  Just today some encouraging news about a job opportunity for Thomas from an inquiry he made just a few days about about a completely different type of employment in our area.  And, even though I am excited for son and this new job prospect I know that whatever God wills in the end is what is going to be right in directing my son towards the future He has planned for him.

So, just like the wise men who came to worship Jesus in Matthew 2, who kept their eyes upon the star they were following and found in the end what they were looking for, I know that I too must keep my eyes up and that is where I will stay within the peace of the Lord and be in the right place to bring Him praise and worship wherever I, and my son, may find Him.


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