Matthew 1 & God's Plans, Big and Small

Telescopic View of the Milky Way
Matthew 1 has an interesting ebb and flow to it if you read it all the way through from verse 1 to the end of verse 25.  The beginning of the chapter starts out giving you a wide view as Matthew lays out the genealogy from Abraham to Jesus.  Then, the lens narrows and we, the readers, are given a more microscopic view of the story which God set in motion as we read about the particulars surrounding Jesus' birth.  But, the microscopic view is brief and Matthew again pulls the lens back and gives us a more macro view when he outlines God's purpose behind this whole plan which he is unreeling.  Here is what Matthew quotes from the angel who came to Joseph, Jesus' earthly father, in a dream:

" shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins."  Matthew 1:21

In thinking about the view changes this chapter affords us believers from God's point of view, and how difficult a time I have had lately in seeing the bigger picture of things happening in my life, it was really helpful for me to realize that even if I can't see the whole picture of what God is doing behind the scenes it does not mean that nothing is happening when I can't see it from my microscopic perspective.  I only have the privilege of having seen what has already happening in my life, and unfortunately with my rather poor human memory I am definitely sure to have missed a lot of key things along the way.

Microscopic View of Daisy Petal
The good news though is that God has not missed a thing, in my life and in yours.  His story is intricately woven in and out through all of our stories and over a tapestry of time and space that our simple minds could not even begin to comprehend.  Faith is resting in the fact that His story will be completed just the way He has told us it will be in His Word, nothing missing.  In living out my faith then I do not have to see how God is going to work together the tiny bits of His plan He has allowed me to be a privileged part of.  In the end, my faith just rests on the hope that one day I will get to see the big picture from His point of view and it will be perfectly worked out for His glory.

So today I just keep on living and moving forward in the purposes God sets before me with great anticipation of how this day will become part of the greatest story ever told.  I hope you will join me and not miss out on your part in the story too.  Jesus has a place for all who come to Him and who are willing to submit to His will in their lives.  If you haven't made that  choice yet to follow Jesus, what are you waiting for?  He is knocking and waiting for you to join Him.


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