A Summer Bible Study on Fasting

Usually summer lends itself to slower afternoons here on the farm as home schooling is done for a time, milking is happening in the morning and evenings, and the noon sun makes gardening unbearable.  So, to fill some of those afternoons with meaningful conversation I will be hosting another summer bible study. 

This year my book of choice is  Key Principles of Biblical Fasting, by Kay Arthur and Pete De Lacy.  I will be breaking the 6 week study up over the three months of the summer so the material can be covered in a more relaxed fashion and we can take extra time to talk also about the extra health benefits that fasting adds to the spiritual benefits we will be studying.

But, if you schedule or location does not allow you to meet with us physically on my farm, do not fret.  I will be setting up a ChatWing conversation so everyone who is doing the study remotely can also join in on the conversation.

Here are links to the book on Amazon and ChristianBook.comIf you would like to join us, either on-line or in person, please notify me by email before the first meeting date so I can get you set up on our discussion page and/or be prepared for you to arrive for our on-site discussions.

Here's to a great summer filled with blessed learning!

Bible Study Schedule: 
(Come prepared the first week to discuss chapter 1)

Week 1:  Tuesday, June 11th, 1pm - 3pm

Week 2:  Tuesday, June 25th, 1pm - 3pm

Week 3:  Tuesday, July 9th, 1pm - 3pm

Week 4:  Tuesday, July 23rd, 1pm - 3pm

Week 5:  Tuesday, August 13th, 1pm - 3pm

Week 6:  Tuesday, August 27th, 1pm - 3pm


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