Mark 15 & Traveling with a Purpose

Recently, a friend commented to me that she felt the Lord urging her to take a trip.  She was unsure why she needed to go, but the compelling urge she felt within her was so strong that in trying to delay her leaving, she found herself weary, like she was losing ground staying where she was.  Her efforts to fight back all the worldly excuses she could offer herself did not help the situation either.  Instead, day by day, they were making her life more intolerable as one day passed into the next.  Finally, she gave into what the Lord was doing in her life - moving her into a place where she needed go.  In essence, God was moving her into a place where she had to trust in His will ahead for her.  She had to give up any notion that she knew where the path ahead would take her, and any ideas about how her life would work out in the end to be part of the story He had already planned for her future - the one she just sensed inklings of in her heart.

As I was thinking about this friend, and praying for her journey to fulfill the deep hungers of her heart, which I know the Lord has purposed in her, I was struck by the story of another traveler in Mark 15 who I am sure too was driven to be in a specific place at a specific time at the Lord's calling.  Here is the traveler I am talking about:

"Then they compelled a certain man, Simon a Cyrenian, the father of Alexander and Rufus, as he was coming out of the country and passing by, to bear His cross.  And they brought Him to the place of Golgotha."  Mark 15: 21-22

Simon was on a journey.   His presence at the place where Jesus needed him was not a coincidence - it was part of God's plan.  Did Simon leave wherever he was staying that morning thinking, "I am going to be part of God's great plan for salvation."?  I have a feeling he didn't.  More than likely he probably just had a compelling sense to get up and go - and go where the path ahead led him.  

Maybe you are in a place today where you find yourself fighting off the urge to go somewhere or do something.  Could it be the Lord is using those urges you have been feeling to move you further along His path for your life?  If so, pray and ask Him to lead.  Pray that He make the urge stronger if the urgings of yours are in is His will. And then also pray that if the urgings you feel are not in His will, that He take them away.  

God is faithful to lead us in the way we should go, we just need to be willing enough to follow where He send us.  So, where are you headed today? 


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