Garden Planning and Indoor Planting

As you can see, my gardens are still under a bit of snow, but with the snow starting to melt away, we can definitely feel that spring is in the air.

And, usually when the weather outside is even further away from the gardening season than it is today, I love to sit with all my seeds and gardening books and plan out what I am going to plant and where each of the plants will be positioned

The plan sheets I made for my four large organic gardens this year.

Now, by this time in April I have to admit I am usually well on my way to growing my first round of seedlings, but this year was a bit different due to the fact we were away traveling half of the month of March.  And since I didn't really want to start my seeds until I was here to tend them, last week the seeds finally made their way into the dirt.

 My daughter Maggie and I set out our tables in our apartment, covered them with electric blankets (to provide extra heat for the soil), covered the blankets in garbage bags (to make them waterproof), put our seed pots on top of that layer, and then finally planted our seeds in the soil.

Now, we just need to watch, wait, water, and thin out the excess plants until the weather is warm enough to put them in the ground and start our gardening season. Yeah! 


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