Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mark 6 & A Lesson In Multiplication

Something about me that many people don't know is that by nature I am a procrastinator.  Now, by what I CAN accomplish in a day it may seem rather strange for me to make that statement, but the sad truth is I constantly fight a lurking desire to put things off, hoping and wishing they would work themselves out or that God would just step in and do what needs to be done or just remove the burden from my plate so I don't have to deal with it.  But, the thing I have learned over the years is not to give into my natural desire for procrastination and thus it may seem on the outside this is not an issue I deal withThe fact of the matter is, I make it a point each day to fight against this natural flaw until the work that needs to get done is accomplished. 

So, why tell you about this deviant tendency of mine?  Well, I wanted to encourage all of you who have this same natural bent and share something God taught me this week as I was reading a devotional by Henry Blackaby where he was talking about the multiplication of the loaves and fish in Mark 6.  

Here is what he wrote:  "How do you respond to the concept that 'like is multiplied into like'?

To which I wrote in my journal:  "I don't allow myself to sit around too long waiting for God to start, I offer the first piece, take the first step...and then I trust that if this is the work He has called me to, then He will multiply a miracle from the little bit I had the energy and resources to bring forth from myself."

All Jesus asked of the disciples that day was to offer Him what they had, no more or no less.  Then, with what they had to offer, He was able to use it and bring about something spectacular that the disciples knew they couldn't accomplish and which they were going to allow to defeat them.  

By the unchanging nature of God, does He not work the same today as He did on the lawn that day feeding the crowd with the little that was offered Him?  Why do we as Christians then tend to get so easily discouraged if we truly believe that God will bring to fruition whatever tasks He sets before us?  

I think we get discouraged and find ourselves prone to procrastination because we forget this truth about God, and we try to reason His callings to us through our own means, and when we find that our resources are too limited to complete the task, that is when procrastination sets in and doubt and fear take over.  I have to admit, I see this scenario played out every day in my life, and that is even after a full year of God confirming His ability to take my meager offering and multiply it into something beyond what I could have accomplished from my own resources - that being my devotional writing project that I tracked on  

I want to scream with the man who was recorded in Mark 9:24 who said:  "Lord, I believe; help me with my unbelief." Truly it is only with the Lord's help each day that I can look at each task before me, offer what little I have in making that task come to be, and then believe in His ability to multiply what I have given to Him.  I have to keep reminding myself that the miracle is His job and through it He alone can be glorified.  

I hope you fellow procrastinators will join me in trusting God to multiply whatever meager offerings you have to give towards the tasks the Lord is calling you to.  "Like" must first be given before it can be multiplied and what a tragedy if we never take the chance in offering to our Lord what He asks so He can multiply it in each of our lives.

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  1. Oh I loved this post! I can so relate to the ongoing battle with procrastination. Reminds me of the sermon regarding the talents too. We are only required to do with what He gave us and as you said, He will multiply it and do the rest to HIS glory.


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