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With the flu season upon us and add to that all the research I have been doing regarding diet and gut healing, I thought I would share a resources that I found particularity interesting regarding alternative methods to keep healthy while certain nasty germs are fighting to bring us all down.

You can go to the following post by Dr. Mercola called Is the Flu Vaccine Always the Answer?, and if you scroll down to the bottom there is a section called "How to Protect Yourself During the Flu Season."  

Disclaimer: I have come to find that most of what Dr. Mercola posts really have more validity than I am usually at first willing to give him credit for.  Live and learn, at least that is the mode of operation for those of us who are strong-willed like I am most of the time.

Here are some additional things you may want to try:

Raw honey and cinnamon.  Yes, both have wonderful healing properties for the same reasons that Dr. Mercola points out in his prescribed ways to protect yourself;  raw honey is filled with a lot of really good enzymes and cinnamon has anti-fungal properties.

 Echinacea.  This herb, which can be found in tablet form, was used extensively before the advent of antibiotics.  Taken for shortened periods of time, this herb can help boost your immune system and get you back on track.

 Water and Herbal Tea.  To make sure you stay hydrated and also keep the process of flushing your system of unwanted "guests", drink lots of liquids.


  1. yes, I am a big believer in raw honey and cinnamon. Also lemon juice (fresh squeezed) and cucumber slices in my 64 oz of water I drink every day.

    Another thing I do that really seems to help is if/when I feel a cold/flu coming on is I put about 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide in no less than an 8oz glass of water. I usually do 2-3X a day until I feel it has been cleared. I believe this flushes the body with oxygen so that it can clear out the virus. Of course, it's important not to use too much peroxide as at full strength it will work like Ipecac!

  2. The hydrogen peroxide works just like grapefruit seed extract - it cleans out harmful bacteria and parasites while leaving the good bacteria in your gut to keep doing the work it needs to do. I tend to lean toward the more natural means, the grapefruit seed extract to do the work, but they are both equally effective.


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