Sprouting Beans

To sprout beans and seeds, you basically follow the same steps if you are using the mason jar and sprouting lid method like I use.

Here are the steps:

Step 1:  Soak 1/2 cup beans (these are mung beans) or 2 Tablespoon of seeds in a jar overnight, or at least 6 hours.

Step 2:  Rinse the beans off by running water over them, gently swirling the beans in the water, and then pouring the water out through the sprouting cover.

Step 3:  Wrap the jar with a towel, lay horizontal, and put it in a warm place that you will remember to check each day.  I put mine behind my coffee maker because it is warm there and when I pour my cup of coffee every morning I see it.

Step 4:  Each day fill the jar with cool water, gently swirl the beans around in the water, pour off all excess water through the lid, re-wrap, and return to your warm spot.

After about 3 days you will have completed sprouts.  Here is a picture of the mung bean sprouts and also a picture of some broccoli seeds I sprouted.

Broccoli seed sprouts

Mung bean sprouts


  1. Question for you on the Mung beans. I've heard some people say that you have to remove the hulls as they fall off so the beans will last longer. Is that necessary? Does it remove any nutritional value doing that? Those hulls just don't seem to want to fit through the mesh on my cover so removing them is a chore in itself. What is your opinion? Thanks.

  2. Mine last a week in the refrigerator and I leave the hulls on. You are right, trying to remove the hulls is too much of a chore and why make life any more difficult than it is already. Also, the hulls do not change the taste, but they add some color, and probably have some nutritional value.


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