Pretty Snackin

Line up of nuts, dried fruit, and spelt sticks
This afternoon as I was refilling the snack jars (just ones I have purchased over the years at a local second hand store) on our counter, I realized that accessibility and eye appeal are two things that draw my family towards eating healthy in between meals.  Of course, when my children were younger I needed to regulate their snacks so they would also eat healthy meals at our scheduled meal times, but now that my kids are older they tend to just grab from one of these jars, take some home made granola out of a nearby drawer, or cut off some cheese from one of the wheels in the cheese drawer in the refrigerator.

Our cheese drawer
Snacking is healthy when you are truly really hungry and you set out to meet your hunger with food that is nourishing for your body.  So, if you want to start changing your family's snacking habits, maybe you could start with a healthy array of snack foods that are accessible and eye appealing to your family members.

Happy snacking!


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