Mark 5 & Holding On

In reading through Mark 5, I was struck by truth within the story of the man with the legion of demons that had never passed through my mind before, and yet since I have been talking back and forth with a family regarding some child depression issues the truth was rather striking.  In looking at this man, who was the host for an entire legion of demons, I realized something about his character that was profound - he was a fighter.

Here is what made me come to this conclusion about the character of the man which chapter 5 of Mark starts off describing.  Do you realize that once the demons had the ability of come out of the man and enter into the swine, they left the earth by committing suicide?  This made me question why these same demons were unable to complete that task while they were within  the man?  I know being the host of a legion of demons is not what any of us desire for our future or the future of anyone we know of love, but I also had to realize in coming to this realization that God had allowed this circumstance to come into this man's life for a purpose.

In thinking about the "hard things" I just got done writing about regarding Mark 4, this man in Mark 5 was the epitome of the example of a life that had been taken through the ringer to develop character within him.  And, Jesus was quick to show this man his' purpose when He refused to take the man with Him, but instead charged him with his own ministry to spread the good news throughout his entire region in which he lived and in which everyone definitely knew his story.

I thought it interesting that my pastor yesterday said,"Joy is generated from the inner person."  So too I believe is the ability to fight for that joy.  Cultivated within a person, as part of his/her character, is the drive to move beyond what is here and now and to see, or at least desire, all that is possible within the hope he/she holds.  For a Christian that hope is attached to the promises of God and held in our hearts and minds by the Holy Spirit who does not leave us or forsake us as our friend and helper.  

The realities of life are bound to make us question at times if we really can keep holding on.  If you find yourself in that place today, be encouraged from the story of this man in Mark 5 who still held on in the midst of circumstances none of us could fathom.  God has a plan, just keep hanging on and trusting in His perfect timing to show you the fruitful product of what He is working on doing in your life.


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