Homemade Yogurt using the Yogotherm

Even before I started milking my own cow I found out how easy it was to make homemade yogurt using a simple insulated container called the Yogotherm.  I have not even tried making yogurt any other way, since this way is so simple and it has worked every time, with perfect, creamy, wonderful results.

Here is the process:

I start by heating up 1/2 gallon of whole milk to 170 degrees Fahrenheit while stirring on and off during the heating process.

Then I let the milk cool to 115 degrees Fahrenheit while I sanitize the insert for the Yogotherm, lid and all, with boiling water.

The insert is the smaller container on the left.

When the milk is cooled to 115 degrees... 

...I add just a pinch of yogurt starter (which I buy from www.thecheesemaker.com), pour into the Yogotherm insert, seal, and then put into the outer insulating container.  

By the way, here are the two starter I use:

Finally, I put the Yogotherm in a place I will see it so I remember I am making yogurt and not forget it. (I have forgot it for a few days and although it was a bit stronger tasting than I like, it was still good.)

24 hours later, open up the container...

...and empty the yogurt into jars and store it in the refrigerator.  The yogurt will last a long time (a few months at least) if you sanitized and washed your containers well.


  1. hi, I am looking for your whole wheat crepes?

  2. Just a few recipes down. Here is the link: http://www.withallyourlife.com/2013/01/whole-wheat-crepes.html

  3. Hi, just read this today. Do you really incubate for 24 hours? I've tried twice for >12 and the yogurt spoiled. Is the culture you use designed for lower temp incubation?

  4. Varontron, thanks for visiting my site.

    Yes, I do incubate for 24 hours...if I can wait that long, but usually that is the case. It actually started out with my sister-in-law suggesting it. I do have to admit I had many failed attempts with pre-made yogurt as a starter, but when I switched to using the freeze dried starter I got really good results. I usually just pick the starter with the mildest yogurt culture since my family is particular of it getting too sour, but as far as temperature variances, they are all just labeled for general use. I hope that information helps.



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