Homemade Hot Pepper Oil

Most of us around here like our food a bit hot, not in temperature but rather with spice.  And, one way to add a bit of spice to food is by adding a touch of hot pepper oil.  Here is how easy it is to make a bottle yourself.

First I start by taking some whole hot peppers which I had dried at the end of the gardening season last year, and put them in my food processor.

I process them until they are minced down into small bit.  BEWARE, DO NOT BREATHE IN THE POWDER - IT IS VERY STRONG!

Next, I put a funnel into the bottle I am going to store the oil in and push the bits of pepper through the funnel using a metal skewer.

Next I fill the bottle with oil (I used grape seed oil) and twist the cap on tight.

The longer you let the oil and peppers sit together, the hotter the oil will get.  Enjoy!


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