Homemade Butter

Today I made homemade butter, which I usually do at least twice a week since about a quarter to a third of each gallon of milk I get from my cow is cream which I skim off the top before I make cheese or we drink the milk.  

Here is the process for making butter, step by step:

First, I skim the cream from chilled raw milk that is at least a day old.  Then, I let the jars sit out for at least 4 hours before proceeding to the next step.  (The reason I put the cream into quart jars is because my 12-cup food processor can handle making a one quart batch.  If you only have a 6-cup food processor you will have to measure the cream into pint jars and do half batches.)

Next, I put one quart into the food processor and let it run.  The cream will first turn into whipped cream, then it will start to separate, and finally it will fully separate and the sound of the liquid will completely change and the buttermilk will have separated from the butterfat.  

After doing each batch, I drain them and collect the buttermilk for either a future cooking project or for soaking grains that I will feed to our chickens - this batch was for the chickens.

With all the batches drained, next it's time to knead the butter together and get the last buttermilk out by rinsing the butter in cold water while kneading.

Half way through the kneading process I add Real Salt (that is salt with minerals added to it) and knead it into the butter with one final rinse while kneading.

Next I make the butter into balls and then wrap them - one to keep and use for the refrigerator and one to store in the freezer.


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